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The Latest HP E700 and E800 MFPs Are Here

Exciting news! HP has recently released their new MFP devices. The E700 and E800 series printers are here to help connect teams in-office and working from home, with cloud connectivity features and smart print technology. Create a productive and collaborative environment with help from your new HP device.

With the same level of trusted security options, and several helpful new features, HP’s latest series of MFPs are equipped to support teams of any size. Whether you’re a small office of ten or a large organization connected across cities, the E700 and E800 MFPs are the ideal solution.

Learn About the Benefits

What’s New?

Companies are experiencing many new changes, such as having employees working both from home and in the office. As this happens it calls teams’ attention to the missing puzzle piece in their office––a device that can connect them. Luckily, HP’s new LaserJet MFPs are the perfect fit.

The new E700 and E800 MFPs come with several important features, such as:

  • HP Wolf Security
  • Fast and Efficient Digital Editing on Scanned Documents
  • HP FutureSmart Firmware
  • Reverse and Retry Technology

Most notable of the latest features are HP’s FutureSmart Firmware and the Reverse and Retry Technology.

HP FutureSmart Firmware:

It can be hard to know when to upgrade your outdated device. HP has recognized this and found the solution––a device that updates itself! HP FutureSmart Firmware offers you the latest in digital advancements without having to buy a new device.

Benefits To Your Team:

  • Get the latest digital features as needed.
  • Select the exact features you download.
  • Save time and money with easy-to-install updates.

Reverse and Retry Technology:

To eliminate stress and improve future productivity, HP has introduced their new Reverse and Retry Technology for their E800 devices. Tired of dealing with paper jams? HP’s latest feature will automatically detect multi-feed errors and work to resolve them.

Benefits To Your Team:

  • Decrease in stress.
  • Optimization of your office’s printing.
  • Reduce time spent resolving printer feed errors.

Shop HP with Printer Pro Solutions

With all the right features that your team needs, the new HP E700 and E800 LaserJet MFPs are the ultimate office solution. With your new HP device, you can optimize your office’s workflow and better connect your team.

At Printer Pro Solutions, we work hard to find every team their perfect device. With our deep understanding of imaging technology, we’re equipped to answer any questions your team has and provide thoughtful advice before you make your purchase.

Contact us to learn more or get access to the new HP MFPs.

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